The Goldberg Observations

As a Canadian, I'm ashamed to say that I generally agree with what Jonah Goldberg has to say in his National Review cover story, reprinted today in the National Post. Anti-Americanism is a central aspect of the Canadian identity. And Goldberg only implies what I see as the ugliest aspect this reflexive hatred of the US: the fact that we insult the very things we depend upon. Our healthcare system would be in an even bigger shambles without the safetey valve of the state-of-the-art, always-available US system next door, but we moan about how heartlessly cold and mercenary it is. And we call Americans warmongers while we let our own military wither away to nothing, knowing who will be there to defend us when necessary.

No, my only real disagreement is with Goldberg's recommendation that the US bomb the CN Tower. Not only is it not an "unoccupied structure," but one of America's few defenders up here in Soviet Canuckistan works in its shadow. At least call me ahead of time, OK?

Worthwhile Norwegian Initiative

In an effort to distinguish themselves from some of their increasingly anti-American compatriots and encourage more rational views, the Norwegian Friends of America has formed. Fredrik Norman is one of the founders. Good for them. Considering the comments out of Ottawa lately, it may be time for a Canadian version of this initiative.

Update: I just remembered this ad from the weekend paper. Never let it be said that Norway is ahead of Canada in apologizing for the idiocy of its citizens!