The High Price of Dissent in America: Public Ridicule

Today's Toronto Star intoduction to a front-page piece by Lewis Lapham is priceless:

Well, I can certainly see why so few have "dared" to question the war. I mean, if they're going to call you names! And they say the US is a "free" country.

The Lapham essay itself may actually contain a germ of truth if he is trying to say that the September 11 observances should be less bland and fearful of anything that might be controversial. But any valid point he has is overwhelmed by his arrogance, pretentiousness, and obvious disdain for average people wanting to express simple grief.

That, and his use of this phrase: "the disappearance of the trade towers."

Compared to the names for Mr. Lapham that ran through my head when I read that, "un-American" is very, very mild.