Agenda Bender says I should sign this petition advocating a law that would require a copyright holder to pay $1 to maintain ownership of their work beyond 50 years. PhotoDude does, too, but I think he's less serious.

Gene Volokh also has an issue with the proposal. Maybe it would be a good idea if you just had to fill in a form listing all the works you still claimed ownership of. That would put truly abandoned works to the public domain but not require thousands of dollars to be paid by senior citizens who were very prolific in their youths.

Convention Confidential

The Canadian Oxymoronic Party leadership convention was held this weekend (Colby Cosh has a few paragraphs on the event). The favored candidate, Peter MacKay finally won in a fourth-ballot contest against his remaining rival, Jim Prentice, but only after promising protectionist opponent David Orchard that NAFTA's effects on Canada would be reviewed by a panel whose participants Orchard would have a hand in selecting. This has understandably not gone over well in the party that orchestrated the passage of NAFTA.

But what has my attention is a quote on the controversy from Scott Brison, another MacKay opponent. Brison, it is not irrelevant to mention, is gay.

Yikes. I hadn't realized the PCs were quite that progressive.